Journal Entry

Today will begin my Journal/Diary. I know that using a blog as a diary can be risky and perhaps I am a little crazy but this is Me and this is how I roll – get over it.

I woke up at 5:10 am. I hate when that happens. Lately it’s been happening damn near every morning… somewhere between 4:15am and 5:45am – My mind turns on and thoughts flood my consciousness and I can’t go back to sleep again. Today I fought it for an hour and finally said “fukk it Tina, just get up.” It seems that every morning lately, something disturbs my sleep and I suddenly wake up…usually in the middle of an interesting dream. This mornings episode included Shia LeBouf and a make out session on a very comfy sofa. Hey, hey don’t laugh, he hit on me first *grin*

I’m pissed now though, my shoulder has been aching since late yesterday, I have homework to finish, I’m broke, and in general just not in the best of spirits. I feel stressed – just don’t know why….I need someone to care enough to make me smile for a change (note to self: Don’t hold your breath on that one tho, you already know the drill) but….

Keep hoping…
I’m tired
and lonely..

~Aye, out


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