Dear Diary… Rant

Last evening, I was asked what I do for a living. It was a general but direct question during a meet & greet conversation. I’m a nice & cordial person, so I responded to it. My response was honest, open and truthful — “I am an Independent Rep with Financial Destination, Inc…. I am a professional Network Marketer“.

Before my sentence was half-finished, he moved on to the next person…I was summarily dismissed. Rudely.

I was also offended. And insulted. And annoyed. And consequently, after giving time for the insult, annoyance and offense to marinate – angry.

This morning, the insult was still on my mind. BUT….This is America, we each have the right to do as we choose.

I have my right to make an honest living in any way I choose – he has the right to make a living his way.

He has the right to dismiss my job as unimportant. I have a right to be annoyed with his attitude.

I have the right to slap the taste out of his mouth. He has the right to sue me for assault. This is America.

No, I didn’t slap him. No he doesn’t need to sue me.

This IS America – I also have the right to work when I choose to, earn money from my down-line even when I do nothing at all. I have earned that right.

He has the (obligation) to go to work all day, every day, even when he doesn’t want to – because his boss tells him he must.
I have the (freedom) to sleep late, any day, whenever I want to. I don’t have a boss.

He’s 45 and has to wait to until he is released from work (or his 401K allows him) to retire.
I’m 46 and I AM (because I have a profitable down-line) retired.

Dear Diary, I’m not angry/annoyed/offended – I’m LMAO.

~Aye, out


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