Dear Diary … Hi, My name is

…Tina, and I’m a gaming addict. My current addiction is the Nintendo Wii.

I’m scurred

***tongue in cheek***

Over the years of being a stay-at-home-totally-immersed-into-my children Mom, I have accumulated game consoles including Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega, Playstation2, Playstation3 and Wii – all still working and games stuffed into boxes, cabinets and stacked in the garage. The only one I didn’t get but still want is the original Atari Game system. I have however, found myself involved in bidding wars on Ebay to acquire one, but that’s another blog for another day 😀

I realize that I’m jumping on this Wii train rather late (it seems) but not really. I’ve had a Wii in my home since it was originally released late 2006. Everyone was sooooo excited about it and got all immersed into playing and whatnot. I was not interested..”games are for kids, I’m good thanks.” Yeah, that was me a few years ago -prior to Myspace’s MOBSTERS game app. 2 years later, I’m addicted to computer/internet/console games in nearly any format.

Through Myspace, Facebook, Yahoo! and my daughters, I have been exposed to far too many games to become addicted to:
Mafia Wars, check.
Mobsters, check.
Cafe World, check.
Yahoo! Games…
” dominoes
” spades
” Literati
” Hearts, check. check. check.
God of War, check.
Shadow of the Colossus, check.
Mario Brothers, check.
Guitar Hero, check.
DJ Hero, check.
Tony Hawk, check.
Monopoly, check.
Spider Solitaire, check.
Wii Bowling, check.
” Golf, check.
” Fishing, check.
” Cow Racing, check.
Waiting breathlessly for God of War 3 and worse yet… I’m totally fighting the urge to get into Halo and World of Warcraft. If not for friends who’ve beaten those addictions and run interference, I’d be sitting here with my headset on shouting orders to my teams right now.

You get the picture.

I’m scurred. Ray of light however is the fact that even though I’m addicted, I’m also a cheapskate and just not willing to connect my Visa to pay monthly membership fees just to play a game. Nor am I a gmabler. If so, I’d be in rehab by now. So thank goodness for free online games.

I’m still scurred.

*tongue still firmly in cheek*
Relax folks, I’m kidding.

~Aye, out


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