My god, T.. another blog? WHYYYYYYY?


My god, T.. another blog? WHYYYYYYY?
WHY? you ask.

Because THIS IS AMERICA, it’s my journal and  I CAN HAVE ANOTHER BLOG IF I WANT ONE ….happy?

Plus, it’s not really a blog per se, it’s more like my diary. The reason its “another one” is because I keep finding updated versions of my old email addresses with new stuff added that’s better than the last. For instance, there was:

  1. AOL ( c’mon, gimme a break, I was a newbeee back in 1997)
  2. MSN (waaaay back in the days of Netscape)
  3. Yahoo (cool, free email PLUS a neat-o instant messenger)
  4. Blackplanet (god, was I even on that grimey site? – I needed a bath after that one)
  5. HotorNot (another bath  make it HOT this time, the filth..ewww )
  6. Friendster (crickets )
  7. then there were the imitators….Hi5 and that group.
  8. Fubar (formerly Cherrytap — talk about ‘blatant’ don’cha think?)
  9. Tagged (just didn’t like this one)
  10. Myspace (….need I add more?)
  11. Facebook (the all powerful, yet privacy-challenged king of social networking)
  12. Twitter (devilish grin – I TOTALLY LOVE Twitter
  13. ….and myriad other similar sites with networking functionality — YouTube, Pandora, etc…..
  14. and today…. I’m BACK AT MSN.

Weird huh?

Not really when you think about it. MSN has been here all along, just waiting for folks like m to come to my senses and return to Papa.
What made me return now? Call it an anonymous tip from a friend *Stang* who called to my attention that my Windows Live account works in conjunction with MS Office software like WORD, PowerPoint and my beloved favorite ONE NOTE (I’m in heaven now ).

With THAT kind of convenience, I just HAD to log into my Hotmail account and have a look around. Guess what?

Aye’m home to STAY



One thought on “My god, T.. another blog? WHYYYYYYY?

  1. …well, I was home to stay until MSN Spaces kicked us over to WordPress (officially March 1, 2011) so I beat them to it and moved my blog over here. Now I just gotta get off Facebook and start redirecting friends over here. *sigh, good luck with that suga*
    ~Aye, out

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