Dear Diary…Me Time

… one of those days when I just needed some time for myself.

I used to feel so guilty for taking time for me. I did. I had to face facts: I’m a people-pleaser. I am – have been for years – It’s a sickness. I think it stems from something influential that went on during childhood. Nevertheless, I have always felt obligated to make everyone else happy yet neglecting my own needs and desires in the process. Thus,I felt guilty for admitting that I had needs and wants. So Here we are today, home sick from work because I push myself too hard and end up doing EVERYTHING for everyone else and then have no energy to get my ass to work (which provides the means to take care of ME *because no-one else does*).

I’m learning how to prioritize, slowly but surely, with a lot of self-examination and *”practice selfishness exercises*, I’m learning.

So, today is for me. Rest, Relax, Rejuvenate, and take plenty of Benedryl for these horrible seasonal allergies.

Dear Diary, I love you.

(…now its naptime)

Ciao, Aye


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