Goodbye 2010 – My Year in Review

It was Jan 1, 2010 when I posted this–> my new years resolution on Facebook: “Peace & Quiet for me and No matter what happens, I’m gonna do ME and let You do You.”

So let’s see if I stuck to my resolution…

2010 started with a plan to (finally) relocate from California to (somewhere) on the East Coast, preferably New York. Since I’m still in Cali and the plan fell through (again)…I sighed and gave it up because with the continual interferences in my plans, apparently I’m not supposed to live permanently on the East Coast – guess I’m in Cali to stay. So 2010 ends with the death of a dear-to-my-heart dream.

What else happened to affect my life in 2010?

…stay tuned…


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