Welcome *again* to ~Aye’s world

Since my MSN Spaces blog was discontinued in deference to WordPress where my last blog was located – it died along with the failed business website which I will eventually also blog about in the foreseeable future, this will do nicely.

Unfortunately, my mind is (still) focused on a nearly continual basis with finishing my final classes to obtain my Bachelors Degree, this blog will (probably) remain in limbo. Six months and counting until I’m holding my hard-earned degree in my hot little hands, my mind uncluttered and free of the anxiety of textbooks, 2,100 word papers and final exams… I’m starting to smell success in the air :D…life will return to a modicum of normalcy when my thoughts will begin to wander as they did long ago before “school” turned them from Alice In Wonderland & The Hobbit to Global Business Negotiations. It will be a joy to read a book purely for pleasure again. To sit on my laptop and search Rhapsody for ALL of my favorite songs to load onto my Evo4 so I canΒ  zone out with all my faves in my ear chair-dancing at work while processing claims.

I want my life back (weighted of course with my degree and all its very expensive teachings in my back pocket) so I can move forward with a confident smile curving my lovely lips *insert lip pic here*

insert pretty-lip pic

πŸ˜€ eyes sparkle with a grin …..uum, anyway all I’m saying is ENOUGH WITH SCHOOL, it’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon in southern Cali, can I go start living aw’ready???

~Aye, out


2 thoughts on “Welcome *again* to ~Aye’s world

    • Thanks Sir Charles. Glad you could join me here. Right this moment though, I’m feeling pretty low after failing a very important final exam tonight. 😦
      I need to cry over my beer and have my pity party now….

      Be back later *hugs

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