Diary – Thoughts Swirling in my Head

This is a true diary entry… just rambling thoughts in my head…so don’t expect to read anything fantastic.

When I was a kid I used to be a pen-pal. I loved writing letters, telling my friend from far away all the updates (good and bad) that have happened in my life. For me, it was cool waiting for the mail to bring me a letter from my friend.  Today I  woke up thinking that I wanted to write a letter to a friend….. but now I have lots of friends to write to. So here I am on a Saturday afternoon, writing my letter….

A warning though. This letter will be ongoing as I add more over the next few days.

Today – Sat. Jan 29, 2011

I did nothing. Nothing constructive that is… I worked on updating the look of my blogs and I surfed the internet. That’s pretty much it, besides eating… I did nothing.    😀   Very cool Day 😀

~Aye, out

Today – Mon. Jan 31, 2011

Today was NOT the best of days at work 😦 Just one of those days when everything I tried to work on seemed to be an issue. Everything.  By the time lunch came round, I was so discouraged I just left hoping that an hour away and some food would improve my luck. When I returned I learned otherwise *grrrr* ….  Glad my work day is done.  I’m going for a walk. The exercise will do my body good and hopefully my mind as well.

Failing that…… there’s always Marie Calendars Pie Menu 😀 Pie & Ice Cream – YEAH Baby!!!! *happy dance*

Marie Calendars Pie

~Aye, out


6 thoughts on “Diary – Thoughts Swirling in my Head

  1. Yes,the lost art of “true” writing.Pen to Paper that is.

    Pen Pals were indeed fun,a light into someones else’s world.

    looking forward to reading more.

    • Hello Sir Charles 🙂
      I really miss actually writing letters with pen & paper – don’t seem to have the time anymore. Hoping maybe if I get used to daily posts to this diary, perhaps I’ll return to my roots. 🙂

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