Dear Diary…. Can’t Complain

Y’know, for the past week I’ve been in a truly crappy mood. I mean really shitty, complaining about everything under the sun from my boss, to being lonely, to man problems,  to job stress, to money, to the air quality, to ….sheesh, you name it, I complained about it. Oddly enough, today 6 days later, (miraculously) I’m feeling OK. Actually better than OK – I feel pretty dagonned GOOD 🙂 

In truth,

I’ve got a really cool boss. She’s kinda anal and particular, but she’s cute and funny about it so really its not bad anal..just more like she’s kinda quirky and reminds me of Monica from FRIENDS. But she’s cool & It works. . 

More truth –>I’m not a bit lonely, TRUST. I’m alone, but thats very different than lonely. Can’t necessarily be lonely when 99.999999% of the time you’re avoiding people and running those off who are around. Truth is: I’m anti-social, leaning heavily to HERMIT territory :/  

Additional Truth #1–> The weather has been a beautiful California-like mid-80’s balmy that just CAN’T be beat except on the Big Island of Hawaii, or perhaps the Caribbean – so that complaint don’t hold water either. Too much truth – I’m feeling a Lil silly  right about now thinking about my behavior these past days o_0 

Now granted, the air quality in this dirty valley IS the worst in all 50 States of these United, and no, I haven’t won the Super or the Mega Lottery yet, so I guess the $$$ complain could be considered  valid, but HEY I used to be in a constant state of RED ink with Wells Fargo and now I’m living in the black with the Credit Union even having both *gasp* savings AND 401K accounts  :-0, so no, I can’t really complain about money either. Ok, now the MAN complaints – sigh – yeah, I can complain about that, but what woman can’t. Wait, Lesbians can’t, that’s who. LMAO… But since I’m straight, yeah I can complain about man issues, but not nearly with as much validity as I was hollering about the testosterone-driven population last week. That was just doing too damn much.

Nor was it fair, SO….. to every MALE person in the vicinity: I APOLOGIZE for calling you guys names like %^&*$!, and %$$$, and ^%##@!!! for a full week straight. 

Please gentlemen,forgive my rudeness.

Thanks Bunches 🙂

Here’s the kicker tho. Know what all the meanness was about last week? 


Sad to admit it, but yeah, WOW do those lil suckers make a chick bitchy when they decide to surge*smh.

Moral of the story: BEWARE hormonal bitches. If you’re MY friend and you’re a male person, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE mark your calenders each month from the 5th thru 12th. Buy a box of earplugs, get a case or two of beers and ignore me during those days. If you’re a girl, just tell me to STFU and go to See’s please. That’d save us all some time. 

Much Luv

~Aye, out

One thought on “Dear Diary…. Can’t Complain

  1. Well……that was quite a week…..maybe u outta see if Midol 2000 is really in production or was it just in “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka”,,,,

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