Random Thought #78

The most unbelievably WISE thing my Mama ever said to me was: “Just wait it out 90 Days, you’ll See”.

I was 10 at the time. [And it still holds true – just give anything 90 days, and trust – you’ll see]

Funny thing was, she was answering a question I’d asked in reference to whether someone was really my friend or not because I was only 10 at the time and needed help to figure it out. Mama’s advice:  Give everything and everyone at least 90 days to show you what they [or it] are made of, you’ll see and you’ll know. And damned if she wasn’t right.

Guess what advice I passed on to my daughter when she cried on my shoulder and asked “how can I tell if it’s Real mom?”  Give it 90 Days baby, you’ll see.

Now they making movies and writing books about the 90-Day Rule. Mama said it to me on a Summer day back in 1973


~Aye, out


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