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Just me. A little strange, a little normal, a little boring, a Little bit of Mom, A Little MoRE of Dad, Sassy, very Sweet, Extremely SENsitive, SMart, wiSE. Tough to love. Tougher to leave…..Just Me. Tina Marie, the Original ~AyeMorena. But alas, my story truly begins with my family so read on….


Meet My Family 


There once was a boy who married a girl, she was tall and slender, her hair in a curl


Very soon they expected their first little bundle
a boy he desires instead got a fumble
They had a small girl with a head full of hair
then they tried once again right to fix this affair



Next time it happened they delivered quite right
the boy of his dreams but a bit of a fright


But to their surprise the wife was quite fertile
they added one more and no not a turtle

An heir and a spare as the royals would say
now there are two sons who live to this day


They thought it was over they had thus surmised
they got over their shock and to their surprise
Another small package all tiny and sweet
this time a small girl like the first what a treat


So now are we done the boy now a man said
to the girl he’d married now a woman, in dread.
And so if it seems like the end of their story
no, there is more we’re not done – what’s your hurry?
Many years have passed by since the two produced four
and now this tall foursome had begun to make more.


The first in this lineup was third at the start
but now he is first, a girl we will chart
her name is CECILIA chocolate kisses she brings
she’s dark skinned and pretty and all lovely things.

Number four in the group was tiny and small
looks down from such height now looks down on us all
with elegance and style she now makes her own entrance
she pops out two girls who now make their appearance
to the rest of the world stars they are till this day.

In very short order, number two in this group
just had to step forward and jump in the soup
He changed the direction that so far had been
and gave us the first of he boys in the den
JUSTIN was he that showed up in a rush
not quiet nor silent absolutely no hush

Outdone he was not number three came again
and delivered a second, a boy with a grin
That one is SHERRICK who entered the game
and what was dad thinking he made up that name

Dare we go on with another addition
though scary it seems I’m now on a mission
Number two saw his chance and jumped to deploy
yet another, his second the third little boy
And now we have MATTHEW to add to the bunch
he’s ready and able his brother to punch

Again number four joins the party of fun
with her Spanish delight just a party of one
Her name is BRIANNA she’s feisty and shrewd
this charming enchantress could never be rude

Number two saw his chance to even the score
with a nubian princess with so much allure
this one is ANDREA a rose among thorns
with two older brothers she has to grow horns

You think that this is the end of this thing
yet I’m happy to tell you I have more to bring
the last of this story so far as we know
is the one that is cutest and not one but slow
he’s quick on the uptake and fast on his feet
look out for this JORDAN all you on the street
to three he belongs who just could not wait
to round off that number we’d left off at eight

So there we have it – so far we have nine
they belong to my siblings not one of them’s mine
They each have three munchkins and some of them tall
all of the bright and we love them all.


And now think back to my story so true
of this my family who started with just two
First they had me and first being one
then came the charmer who leads by a mile
He started the lineup and all with a smile
lastly there’s baby who sweeps in with chic
Who leaves them all mute and unable to speak
and now here’s the lineup of what happened next
Keep ears and eyes opened to the following text:

There’s CECILIA the first and star of the brood
Then ASHLEY the second always in a good mood
We have our NICOLE looking just like the last
These are the first three the next will come fast
There’s JUSTIN and SHERRICK and MATTHEW the boys
Wait just a minute, we’re not thru with our joy’s
BRIANNA was one in a basket would fit
petite Miss ANDREA with the crew has to sit
And now we have JORDAN the littlest tyke
Whose Father’s the same as at first, just alike

Now is the end of this story thus far
I’m sure if you wait we’ll step up the par
and so don’t go away or run off too soon
Cecilia’s up next for the race to the moon
not that she’ll do it I certainly didn’t
just wait and see so wait just a minute
I mean to not the involved in this race
and now I cannot keep up with the pace
I let them all have this race with such speed
and watch from the sideline this a stampede
It’s not in my nature to want to compete
so happy I am sitting here in my seat
for now I’ll enjoy my place as an Aunt
but in the new system that’s where I will plant
there I will have my brood if allowed
so I can watch them grow up as a crowd
believe me I’m thankful for siblings I am,
this way I remain as a Miss, not a Ma’am!

Dedicated “to my Mom and siblings and their brood”

~slp, ~4/13, 2001

[A Poem, Composed long ago by my Very-talented Sister, Sharon]


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