Diary Entry 1.22.2011 – I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder.

Many times I wonder, actually most times I wonder…stuff.

I don’t wonder as much lately as I used to because my mind is too full

When I was 8 years old I used to wonder all day long,  about anything, about everything

I wondered about life

I wondered about the sky, the sun, the stars when they shone on a clear night

I wondered about trees and plants and animals

I wondered about the world and wanted to know exactly how big it really was

I wondered about people and why they do things the way they do

I wondered why grownups were so solemn and upset so much

I didn’t seem solemn and upset but grownups were like that most of the time – I wondered

I wondered about Me, who I was, what made me like and dislike the things I did

I wondered what I’d be like in the future, how different I’d be or even if I would be different at all

One day when walking home from school I stopped [as was my usual habit] to sit on the sidewalk and wonder stuff….. I wondered “if 40 years from now would I be solemn and upset allot too, or  maybe I’d be the same as  I am today”….

Weird how when you’re 8, you wonder about the future – then when you’re 47 how easy it is to forget wondering at all.

I haven’t forgotten though.

My 40 years have passed

I’m still the same

I still wonder, because inside… I’m still 8  – I think that moment of wondering defined who I would be

Life still intrigues me – I wonder when I’ll stop wondering

When life is done, probably…

Funny thing is, I still sit on the curb and think. Almost every night…. I look at the shining stars, let my mind wander & wonder


3 thoughts on “Diary Entry 1.22.2011 – I Wonder

  1. I would have said that the Continuing Wonder in You is what defines you, as opposed to that one moment. I find people who don’t Wonder to be pretty boring. But that’s just Me. You know how Bored I can be, sometimes! 😉

  2. Funny you would say that people who don’t wonder are boring…. I’ve often though that the past 2 years I’ve become rather boring, even to myself. But I also noticed that in these past 2 years that I’ve been so focused on school, I haven’t had enough time to let my mind wander. In the past few months, I’ve started taking walks late at night, even though its cold as the arctic out there its still nice to enjoy the quiet and letting my mind roam free of demanding thoughts and homework. Those walks have become so peaceful for me 🙂

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