Happily doing Homework. Why, you ask? lemme ‘splain…

…. no, lemme sum up–> After years of starting, stopping, pausing and dropping (1981, 2002, 2003 and 2008), I’m actually 9 credits from GRADUATION 😀 *yay Me!!* [happy dance]. As soon, and I DO mean AS SOON AS, I finish tonight’s homework I’m going to fill out my registration info and order my cap & gown so this can be OFFICIAL.

Oh wow, you dear friend have no idea how RELIEVED I am to be looking at the END of this path I started treading so many years ago. Jeez, I was 18 back then, fresh and ready to start my post-high school life. After completing 1 full year of Jr college, I did the dumbest thing known to womankind. I got sidetracked by a MAN *sigh* ..then came the babies (whom I love with all my heart) that made me reorganize my priorities. The childrens’ needs and wants come first, y’know. Contrary to popular opinion, having children isn’t anything to play with. In order to have strong, confident, well-adjusted, happy children, some of the parents wants and needs must come secondary – my Momma taught me that. Her needs always came after ours and she’s my role model for what makes a great parent – so college had to wait. For me it did, for nearly 20 years. I didn’t think about even attempting to return to school until my last was in Jr High. But even then it was only a distant thought. But then after watching and supporting my friend Katina while she studied for her Undergrad and Graduate degree, I was inspired and motivated by her devotion to her studies I knew “I could do this”…. I applied in 2002, completed 24 units then dropped classes for a new job. Then Jamielynn started college and finished her Undergrad degree as well. And Zucchinni was attending Cal State too. And Teresa had her degree, and ……well you get the picture. It suddenly became a real, viable option for me. I KNEW I could return to school. By the time I got my mind, spirit, and life together and actually returned in earnest, my youngest was a Junior in high school.

In the meantime, my daughters (all three) have started college. Nicole has 2 degrees now, (AS/Pharmacy Technology & BS/Psychology, and about to begin her Graduate program – she wants a Doctorate before she’s 30. *she’s 25 now –  good luck sista), Ashley is midway through her BS/Psychology undergrad studies, Brianna is midway through her AS/Communications. My niece Cynthia achieved her AS/Accounting degree, My sister Sharon has obtained her AS/Liberal Arts- Science degree, my brother Terry and his wife Donna are tag-teaming it and have also returned to school as well. This makes me so happy and proud. And to think, this all started by watching my best friend poring over her homework assignments every night. See what you started Katina 😀

L to R: Zucchinni, Me, Jamielynn, Katina, Esmeralda

Today, I’m nearly done. Tomorrow I finish my current class, and my last true night of class is July 14th, and commencement is 2 days later on July 16th. When I walk across that stage in San Jose, I will be done. No more classes, no more homework, no more papers, presentations and instructors. Can’t wait to put this laptop away and take a long-awaited VACATION from studies. Wow, I’m misty-eyed right now.

Life is Great