Random # 36 – Happy Sunday

IMO, Sunday mornings are NOT meant for early risings. Just not 😐 I woke up suddenly this morning with a jolt at 6:14am, couldn’t figure why – then remembered that I’d been dreaming of being in high school, walking home alone and scared shit-less because I was being chased by vicious snarling Pitbulls – but when I realized it’d been a dream then took a look at the clock trust me, this Sista just wasn’t pleased at the time ….6-friggin15in the AM?? ON A SUNDAY NO LESS? 😡

Of course, like all addicted-to-social-networkers do…..I posted a status on Facebook and of course, got comments and “likes”  from other addicted-to-social-networkers. Didn’t take long in my seriously cranky state of mind to tell my beloved FB friend Bubby to zip-it with the comments and promptly fall back asleep.

Woke up again suddenly 2 hours later at 8:25am – from a dream where my boss very cheerfully walks in and fires me with a smile on her face, a pink slip/check in one hand and an empty box for my shit in the other (which felt seriously like a shitty move to me) thank GOD I was only dreaming WHEW – still groggy with sleep and crankier this time because I was in tears….no accompanying FB post this time though. Sista just rolled over and let sleep take me again.

2hours later…10:00am exactly I awake to my cell ringing in my ear (in my ear because I’d left it on the pillow after posting on Facebook 4 hours previously)….this wakeup was from my perpetually cheerful daughter Bree who had NOOO idea who the hell this raspy-voiced, mean-sounding stranger was talking to HER on her (single & unattached) moms’ phone at 10am Sunday morning….so she says “WHO THE HELL ARE YOU??????” …..She sounded seriously outraged and territorial as hell, like a Lioness with newborn cubs – poor baby LMAO …..I had to laugh at that – and finally wake my ass up.

It’ coffee time. Happy Sunday 🙂

~Aye, out

Photo credit: Simple Things Photography