Journal – Random thoughts swirling in my head

Well here we go again with more thoughts swirling in my head. Right now I’m having a hard time sorting through them though. So I’m going to use this as a therapy session which is what my therapist recommended last year. Right now I’m having a hard time sorting through my thoughts as I said but if I talk to my blog the way I talk to my therapist you, dear reader would have a tough time reading this. However, these are my thoughts and my blog so here goes nothing.

I’ve had my coffee for the day which is what I do every Saturday …… well actually I do that every morning, but especially Saturday my coffee time is important because no else awake yet and its just me and my kitties and we enjoy quiet mornings on Saturday looking out the window at the beautiful day.
Speaking of beautiful days, I will say that I truly do love living in California because the days are so pretty and the weather is so nice and I can sleep with my window open looking over the park across the street. I guess it’s therapeutic as well watching the little kids play on the playground running and screaming in delight and playing chase with one another. But someone please do explain the attraction of this game called Frisbee Golf because I just don’t get it, I don’t understand that game. I sit in my window and I watch guys play and it just looks like the silliest game known to mankind. I figure if you want to golf, then golf, and Frisbee if you want to, go Frisbee, but to combine the two damn games together (smh),…. I mean, really it just looks silly to me.


Uh oh, I am ranting and didn’t even know I had anything to rant about until I started talking…..well this probably why my therapist said I should blog it out. What she actually said was “journal” but I translated that to mean blogging because I like to share my thoughts with the people that I refuse to make phone calls and talk to directly …….which is probably one reason why I need therapy. LOL

Right now my kitty just came to visit me, she likes to spend time in my room and I like the fact that my cats enjoy my room because its comfy and we spend lots of quiet time together.

Anyway I’ve been ranting long enough and it’s time now for breakfast and I’m in the mood for grits and eggs and bacon and toast so I think I’ll go have Nicole make my eggs and I’ll do the rest of it.

Thanks for listening to me ramble and/or reading my ramble….please leave a comment on my ramble as well.


~Aye out